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Amazing Facial Cleanser


Natural face products are growing in popularity not only because they are better for you but they also do wonderful things to your skin. You can purchase natural cleansers for $28 or more per 3 oz jar or you can make a bunch of this one.

I found this out when I tried my own natural facial wipes and now others can't stop raving about them as well.

Well I have found another natural beauty product that I love and want to share with you.

1) An Oat Flour facial cleanser

2) An Oat/ Almond facial exfoliant

Now I will admit you do have to go to specialty store to get the ingredients and they are not cheap ingredients compared to regular flour or salt. Some feel it's simply too much work to do this as well. Therefore, if you want us to make it for you and ship it, we can certainly do so. Send me an email with an order as we are not posting beauty products in our online as of yet. The cost of the 8 oz cleanser is $14 plus shipping and the cost of the exfoliant is $20 plus shipping. Still saving you money over leading brands.

For the Oat Flour Cleanser you need

*oat flour -1 cup

*sweet orange oil - 10 drops

*lavender oil - 10 drops

Mix well and store in air tight container. I recommend a small mason jar.

For the Oat/ Almond Exfoliator you need

*1/2 cup oat flour

*1/2 cup almond meal /flour

*1 tsp sea salt - finely ground

Mix well Mix well and store in air tight container. Small mason jar recommended.

To use either one put a scoop in your palm. Mix with a little water until it makes a paste, and apply to face. Rub like any regular cleanser or exfoliator and rinse. It's helpful if you use a scoop but okay if you use a spoon. Baby formula scoops work great for this. Do not use the exfoliator more than 2 -3 times a week.




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