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New Etiquette on Bridal Showers

As of late I have noticed a lot of brides feeling less important by their friends and family during their wedding planning process. Many brides because of this are opting to plan their own showers. Maybe years ago this would be a passe thing to do but now because of the hustle and bustle of everyone's life, it makes sense. It's not because you as the bride have people that don't care necessarily. It may just be a fact of life. Lots of people in the current generation of couples getting married did not grow up with parents that had formal cocktail parties or large social events. Heck! most schools have even gotten rid of home economics which taught a lot about hosting people in a home or for special occasions.

More and more couples are planning and paying for their own weddings and it only makes sense that today's bride might want to be honored in a certain way therefore planning her own shower.

If you are a bride considering this there are a few things you should check out before you jump the gun.

1) Mention it to your mother or maid of honor first. They might be planning something big for you and you don't want to step on toes when someone is planning something in your honor.

2) If your loved ones or bridal party kind of gloss over the subject when it's brought up be up front and ask if they need help financially paying for the event. Maybe you or you can suggest that they approach some of your other bridal party to chip in.

3) Is your bridal party too young to know better? It's quite possible that your bridal party does not even know how to go about hosting a social event as important as a shower. If no one is offering, can you hook them up with a trusted family friend or aunt? Could you refer them to your wedding planner/ coordinator for help?

4) If your wedding is full of DIY and you are planning to host your own shower don't try to also DIY your shower. It will be way too much and you will feel overwhelmed. Consider hiring an event designer or planner to help you either make items, do the floral, help you find a venue, etc.. This way while you are the official host, the planner can be there on the day taking care of everything and you wont have to do everything that a host would actually do and you can relax and have fun on that day. A planner or designer also might have fun unique ideas to incorporate and make the party more unique to you.

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