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Because We Know Not Everyone Does the 20 Seconds.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Party Favors!

Yes I am completely inspired by the Covid-19 outbreak to also share a DIY because the world is not going to stop spinning and businesses still need to be able to make money or our world will tank. Because we still have to be in each others presence and there will continue to be a need to be clean at any and all events, here is a simple DIY.

DIY Hand Sanitizer

What you need

Travel spray bottles or pump bottles ( you can also order these on

Rubbing Alcohol ( I found mine right now at a ace hardware store by the gallon $23)

Aloe Vera Gel ( Dollar store)

* Any essential oils of choice. ( I recommend lavender because then maybe everyone will chill)

1)Mix in bowl aloe and alcohol 1/2 and 1/2.

add about 15 - 20 drops of essential oils ( note don't use eucalyptus or peppermint oils on kids spray)

2) pour into spray or pump bottle

3) label it with something clever like

"in case you didn't wash your hands" or "beyond the 20 seconds" or "secret hand shake serum".



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